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Slanic Moldova/Bacau County/Romania

Known spa town, is situated Slănic Moldova on the eastern slope of the Eastern Carpathians (the mountain Nemira) at a height of 530 m on the valley Slănic. The city takes place in a depression covered with deciduous and coniferous forests. Slanic-Moldova, a city in eastern Romania (Bacau County) located Slănic River (a tributary of Trotus) at Nemira Mountains (Eastern Carpathians), elevation 530 m, in a valley surrounded by forests of beech and fir, the 84 km southwest of the city of Bacau (Bacau county). All-season resort, with an intra-depression temperate climate, with a pure air free of dust and particles that can cause allergies, and rich in resinous aerosols and negative ions. The average annual temperature is 7.4 ° C.


Slanic Moldova is famous for its springs of carbonate, bicarbonate, slightly sulfurous, chlorinated, sodium, hypertonic, hypotonic and oligo springs discovered in 1801. In 1852 the first chemical tests were performed, and in 1877 were first spa facilities. Over time, water quality minerals discovered here were confirmed by medals at international exhibitions in Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt / Main etc.. Experts have compared them with mineral water from Karlovy Vary, Vichy, Aix-les-Bains, etc.. Dubbed the "Pearl of Moldavia", the resort Moldova provides treatment for digestive disorders (hypo-and hyperacidity chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, with an interval of at least three years of painful phase, postsurgical stomach disorders, atypical chronic colitis, colon flammable chronic constipation), hepatobiliary disease (biliary dyskinesia, chronic cholecystitis with or without stones, postoperative status in liver diseases), nutritional and metabolic diseases (diabetes mellitus, mild and intermediate obesity), kidney and urinary disease (status after urinary infections, where there were no injuries or disorders of the kidneys). Foreign cure mineral waters Slanic Moldova helps the treatment of degenerative rheumatic diseases and diartritice, cardiovascular, respiratory (allergic asthma, chronic tracheobronchitis, rhinosinusitis, chronic pulmonary emphysema), endocrine diseases (prepubertal state hyperactive children), disease gynecological (menopausal ovarian syndrome) and other diseases. For internal treatment with mineral water springs no.L, No. 8 and 8a (under the same flag) and no springs. 1 bis, no.3 and no. 10 (under another flag). Here there are facilities for hot baths in the bathtub with mineral water, facilities for respiratory therapy (inhalation aerosols), electrotherapy and hydrotherapy, physiotherapy pools, pits, facilities for treatment of certain peripheral vascular diseases, and medical gymnastics. Patients can go by bus to Târgu Ocna (18 km), underground spa sanatorium with a microclimate of salt. Mineral water bottling station. The resort has many hotels and villas, a sanatorium complex, etc..


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