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Baile Balvanyos/Covasna County/Romania

Balvanyos, permanent spa is situated on the southern slopes of the mountains Bodoc, the curvature of the Carpathians, at an altitude of 840 m-950 m, 67 km north-east of Saint Gheorghe (Covasna county seat). Because many therapeutic qualities of mineral springs and post-volcanic emanations (pits), the resort offers guests the ideal conditions for rest and treatment.Due to volcanic and sedimentary rocks from the soil emanations of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide favored the occurrence of several mineral water springs, used in treating stomach and intestinal diseases, diseases of the heart and the vascular system. Here, both water and gas have relatively high natural radioactivity.Balvanyos today were formed by merging the three colonies of bathrooms that worked once. The oldest is the one that stands in step Balvanyos: Smelly from Turia (the word "putsch" refers to the unpleasant smell of hydrogen sulfide).The healing properties of mineral waters from Balvanyos are recognized for a long time, residents using them to treat numerous diseases. Exploitation, in terms of a resort began in 1938


ClimateModerate alpine climate with cool summers and cold winters. The average annual temperature is 6 ° C (16 ° C in July and -6 ° C in January). Average rainfall regime of 860-900 mm. Winds are weak, because the shelter provided by surrounding mountains.
Factors Natural Cure- Mineral water: ferruginous, bicarbonate, chloride, calcium, sodium, carbonated, hypotonic- Mofette with carbon dioxide emanation post volcanic activity inside the hotel with special arrangement- Bioclimate sparing sedative, tonic.
Composition of spa resourcesMineralized waters between 3-18 g / l and contain carbonic acid at a rate of 2.5 g / l mofette gas contains a proportion of 70-85% carbon dioxide.

Indications- Cardiovascular diseases (hypertension compensated mitral and aortic, peripheral arterial atherosclerosis, varicose veins of the legs)- Associated diseases (asthenic neurosis, degenerative rheumatic diseases, rheumatic abarticulare, diabetes, obesity, stress states after different sites daily, atherosclerosis with different central and peripheral locations).

Types of procedures- Carbonated baths- Pits- Electrotherapy: current diadynamics Neuroton, ultrasound, magnetodiaflux, short-wave aerosol- Hydro-galvanic baths, massage shower, underwater shower, underwater massage and jacuzzi- Thermotherapy: paraffin wraps;- Physiotherapy: dry massage, medical gymnastics and maintenance in the gym- Aeroheliotherapy.
ContraindicationsInfectious and contagious diseases, venereal diseases, malignancies, mental illness, the nature of TB disease, normal pregnancy over 3 months.

Tourist attractions in the resort:- Fortress ruins Balvanyos (XIII century)- Bird Cemetery (gap with emanation of hydrogen sulfide)- Lake Saint Ann (950 m), located 10 km from the resort, volcanic lake, unique in Central and Eastern Europe- Tinovul Bog (1056 m), located near Lake St. Anne, declared a nature reserve, home to rare plant species

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